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ON7 Band - Bringing the roots of Rock and Country back together ON7 Band: Dan Black-bass, Charlie Calhoun-harmonica, Brian Klammer-drums, Casey Ritchings-guitar

ON7 has been called many things such as “The Unhealthiest band in the Tri State Area” and “The tightest yet dirtiest band in New Jersey.” These are just two ways of describing an ON7 band performance. Combining the music of Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Classic Country, Classic Rock and Good ’Ol Americana music, ON7 has developed a definitive and unique live sound. This band can ignite a fire in the audience and take them for a ride along an amazing evening, visiting styles of music they love or never knew they loved. ON7’s raw sound helps take songs and transform them into a live musical experiences leaving the audience refreshed with a sense of what Rock ‘N’ Roll once was. The band combines the elements of American roots music from New Orleans traditional Mardi Gras to Chicago blues and combines this with all the popular Classic Rock, R&B, Pop and Country music songs audiences love. Their musical library is extensively diverse including music from artist such as The Beatles, Fats Domino, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, Dr. John, Stevie Wonder, The Talking Heads and Elvis Presley.


Want more of a harder edge? Then ON7 can also supply music from bands such as the Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. This band also understands the art of a live performance, using the bands musicianship to create a unique performance at each show, keeping audiences returning time and time again.


Fronted by Guitarist/Vocalist Casey “Catfish” Ritchings, ON7 can also supply an intimate acoustic performance for your bar, restaurant, or any other event. The bands rhythm section has made a name as one of the tightest and driving rhythm sections in the area. Consisting of drummer Brian Klammer and bassist Jason Hogue, the rhythm section of ON7 is the driving force behind the band, taking the music to highs and lows and creating a truly dynamic experience. Top the band off with the respected harmonica player Charles Calhoun and you have a band that can turn goat piss to gasoline!


ON7 has spent years developing their sound and relationships with all sorts of musicians. This allows the band to bring in a variety of additional musicians to the bands lineup. If you are looking for a big sounding band, then the ON7 horn section supplies a real rhythm and blues power house sound to any live performance. ON7 has musicians from all varieties and backgrounds to offer, including additional guitarists, singers, pianists, horn players and percussionists. These are some of the best musicians the Tri-state area has to offer and ON7 has the privilege to be able to share the stage with them. ON7 can mold itself into any type of sound you may need for your bar, club, festival, corporate event and private party. This is truly a band to be reckoned with.

Charlie Calhoun

Harmonica, vocals



Brian Klammer




Dan Black

Bass Guitar


Casey Ritchings


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